Reflective Writing card 1.png

2.1 : Research and Background Introduction

This unit is all about the Research and Background of reflective thinking and writing.

You'll learn about big ideas and stand-out thinkers in the field of reflection and questioning.

You'll be introduced to The Daily Ten, the work you'll do daily as you engage with this workshop.  I explain this in the audio, and you can download a detailed PDF on the assignment below.

You'll think about your "teacher self" - a key part of getting deep in your reflections.

You have the opportunity to try an anonymous writing prompt on for size: just let yourself relax, write, and send your writing out into the world without pressure to "do it right", while thinking about your teacher self.  

Finally, you can take a look at some additional resources connected to the research and background on reflective writing.

Have a listen, download the daily ten PDF, and you're on your way!