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Welcome to the Reflective Writing online workshop!

The goal of this workshop is to introduce you to teacher as writer, and the important role that reflective writing plays in Early Childhood Education.  You wear a lot of different hats as an educator, and your "writer self" is one you may not often pay attention to.  Rather than thinking of writing as a chore, or something you're not good at, you'll leave this workshop with a confidence around your own unique writing voice; you'll understand the power of reflective writing; and you'll be ready to translate your reflections into documentation that makes children's thinking and learning visible to children, families, and other stakeholders in your learning environment.

There are four parts: an introduction, a look at the research and background on reflection, examples of reflective writing in action, and prompts and provocations to plan for adding reflective writing into your teaching practice.

This course includes audio, video, downloadable PDFs, and text.  Simply start at the top of the page and scroll down through the information.  Use the "Next" and "Back" navigation buttons at the top and bottom of each page to move from one part to the next.  Use the "Home" button on the bottom of each page to return to the introduction page.

This course is best viewed on a computer, or in your web browser on your tablet.  Although you can access information using your smartphone, you'll have the best experience with a larger screen.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact me.