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I offer immersive workshops and consulting for adults who are interested in learning more about how to support children's playful explorations of the world.

I work with adults using the same approach that I use with children:  social constructivism.  My workshops and consulting are centered around hands-on exploration and reflection to help adults gain a deeper understanding of themselves, children, and families, the continual developing relationship between everyone.  

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current offerings


People, Space, and Materials

In this half- or full-day workshop, participants will engage in a hands-on exploration of the factors that make a learning environment a wonderful place for children’s independent inquiry through play.

Participants will reconnect with their own playful selves through hands-on play with interesting materials, followed by activities, ideas, and dialogue around curating a play-positive learning environment. We will focus on the people (children and adults), physical spaces (both indoor and outdoor) and open-ended materials and how those factors interact to create engaging, interactive, playful environments.

Reflection and the Teacher Self

This half- or full-day workshop aims to help teachers find meaning in reflective practice through activities, focused writing, and an exploration of the "teacher self" - the person we most often ignore in the classroom environment.  In this workshop, we bring to light the importance of understanding our own playful lives, experiences, and biases that unconsciously shape our plans and expectations for young children.  

Dialogue Facilitation

This offering is a personalized, focused experience designed for individual learning settings.  Whether you are a teacher, an administrator, a librarian, or other professional who works in a setting with children, it can be challenging for a whole staff to meet on theory, philosophy, and implementation.  This facilitated workshop is catered to your questions, concerns, and those of your colleagues.  The length of the experience depends on your needs.  Topics range from dialogue on social justice, the image of the child, loose parts, facilitating natural experiences, and more.  I design this experience to bring your staff together on common ground around topics that matter to you.

 Educators at the Day of Dialogue, 2016  Mercer Island, Washington   

Educators at the Day of Dialogue, 2016

Mercer Island, Washington


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