4.4 : Resources + Community

The final part of this workshop is a resource list and a reminder to jump into the community discussions!

The community aspect of this storytelling workshop is a free resource for you to connect with other workshop students, and me, on relevant topics.  Perhaps you want feedback on a read aloud you have done with your class; maybe you have something to contribute to someone else's wonderings.

There are many, many wonderful resources for storytelling in Early Childhood Environments.  The links and books that I share here are on a wide spectrum, exploring anything from why we play instead of use worksheets, and how picture books should reflect the lives of diverse children.  There are also links that are about the general appreciation of stories:  I want to make sure that you leave this workshop thinking about stories as a big thing that is woven into all aspects of our lives, not just in the Early Childhood Classroom.  I want you to engage with stories consciously, and see how that inspires you to support children.  I will update this list as I find more wonderful things to share with you.


The Girl with the Brown Crayon by  Vivian Gussin Paley

Clare Golomb : The Creation of Imaginary Worlds

Susan Engel : The Stories Children Tell

Opal School Story Workshop

Neil Gaiman on How Stories Last

Maurice Sendak on Storytelling and Creativity.

Storytelling and the Development of Ethical Behavior

A history of children's books

My favorite source for picture book reviews : The New York Times.

Introducing Oral Storytelling in the Classroom, from Edutopia.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie : The Danger of a Single Story

From The Atlantic : Democracy Needs Storytellers

No More Worksheets!