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Welcome to Storytelling in the Early Years!

This workshop is designed to help you understand how to recognize children's natural inclination for storytelling, and support and celebrate that instinct.  Our lives are filled with story, and when we reframe our understanding of what a story is, and where we might find it, and how it might be communicated, we can see endless potential for supporting children in their own personal explorations.  We engage with stories as adults, from the news to gossip to our favorite television shows - that is how it manifests for many of us.  Children's stories are just as frequent and just as important!  Its about much more than picture books - although we do get to explore those in this course a bit.

There are four parts: an introduction; a look at the research and background on storytelling; examples of the idea in action; and prompts and provocations to plan for supporting children's storytelling in your curriculum.  There is also a community feature in this workshop: a place for discussions of storytelling questions, triumphs, and ideas.

This course includes audio, downloadable PDFs, video, and text.  Simply start at the top of the page and scroll down through the information.  Use the "Next" and "Back" navigation buttons at the top and bottom of each page to move from one part to the next.  Use the "Home" button on the bottom of each page to return to the introduction page.

This course is best viewed on a computer, or in your web browser on your tablet.  Although you can access information using your smartphone, you'll have the best experience with a larger screen : the content positions may be jumbled on a tablet or phone.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact me.