2.1 : Introduction

Part Two is all about Research and Background.

You'll learn about action you can take as a teacher to understand photography better for yourself.

Then, you'll dive into the big ideas that make photography so enticing for children.

Finally, you can explore some additional resources including research studies on children as photographers.

Unit 1: Introduction

1.1  Audio Introduction

       Course Map

Unit 2 : Research and Background

2.1  Audio Introduction

2.2  Teacher Action

2.3  The Big Ideas

2.4 Additional Resources

Unit 3: Photography in Action

3.1  Audio Introduction

3.2  Interview

3.3  Interview

3.4  Photography as a Language

3.5  Sourcing and Introducing Cameras

Unit 4: Prompts and Provocations

4.1  Audio Introduction

4.2  Teachers as Observers

4.3  Tiny Photographers (Prompts for 1-3 year olds)

4.4  Resources and Ideas for Extension