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As an Early Childhood Educator, you have a unique job.  You balance all areas of children's development, supporting the whole child as they explore the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive world.  You know that each child you work with is unique, and the group dynamic changes from year to year.  There is no one-size-fits-all curriculum for our youngest citizens and learners.

Bakers and Astronauts Online Workshops support your learning the way you support children as learners: as an explorer of the world, with tools and tips to navigate.  The goal is to approach Early Childhood Education with wonder and curiosity!

Online Workshops are:

  • Self-Paced.  You are never obligated to be online at a certain time: work through the material when you would like to.  Online Hangouts and Live Chats are optional, and the information is recorded and posted for you to engage with when you have the time.
  • Interactive.  Get to know other educators around the globe with our discussion forum, and in monthly online hangouts.  
  • Engaging.  You aren't quizzed or tested: you are given the tools to apply ideas and reflect on how they work in your classroom.
  • Updated and Relevant.  Workshops are updated with new ideas and resources to provide you with the best tools possible for your work.

You will receive a certificate of participation confirming four hours for each self-paced workshop!  

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Four workshops and counting

Members have instant access to current workshops, and get to chime in on what they want to know more about in future workshops.  

Only interested in one topic?  Learn more about individual workshops and register below.

one low monthly cost.

Bakers and Astronauts Online Workshops are just $10/month!  This includes all current self-paced online workshops, plus all workshops that are added during your membership. 

Monthly members get discounts on upcoming live workshops, including The Play Workshop.

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Coming Soon:

The Play Workshop

January 15 - March 11, 2018

The Play Workshop is an eight-week online workshop diving deep into play, with new content each week.  You will learn about the history of play in education, engage with other teachers about implementing playful literacy and STEM concepts in the classroom, finding time and space for children's free play explorations, and telling stories of children's learning through play to parents and families.  Early Bird registration opens December 11Get email alerts about early bird discounts and registration.

What are participants saying about the online workshops?

"I found the experience unique and enjoyable!"

"Allie, your dedication to and value for this work was so visible. You were positive, reflective, and responsive throughout the course. I look forward to trying out more of the practices and resources when the school year starts up again."

"This course was filled with useful resources and I gained a lot of insights. I had several 'aha' moments and encountered new ideas and lenses."

"Because of the inquiry based structure of the course, I felt that the content met me at a place that was easy to access."

"I got a lot out of the course because you left the questions open and reflective. It was easy to apply them to the setting and circumstances that I have."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"