4.4 : DIY Cardboard Playground

 Cardboard Playground, July 2016, Bellingham, WA

Cardboard Playground, July 2016, Bellingham, WA

Play Lab, the play project I started in Bellingham, WA, has installed Cardboard Playgrounds in city parks, and has more on the calendar in the future.  Cardboard Playground is an opportunity for children of all ages, and their families, to engage in open-ended making and play.

Cardboard Playground is simple, universal fun.  You have learned about loose parts, the affordances of design, and the role of language in open-ended materials play; Cardboard Playground brings all of those ideas together in a highly engaging package.

Your task in this unit is to plan a Cardboard Playground for your class, school, or larger community!

A Cardboard Playground can be big or small, long or short: it is about understanding the different factors that are unique to your community.  Download the DIY Cardboard Playground Guide below.