Storytelling in the Early Years

I'm excited to release a new online workshop this weekend, aimed at helping Early Childhood Educators support children's natural exploration of story in the world.  Storytelling is deeply embedded in our lives: in this workshop, you get to look for the hidden gems, and learn how to share the relationship between stories + learning with parents, families, and children themselves.


About The Workshop

Literacy and storytelling are about so much more than reading and writing.  Children are natural story seekers and storytellers, using the information they gather to imagine and experiment with the possibilities of their family, classroom, and world.  

In this online workshop, you'll explore :

  • how to expand your understanding of stories, and what they look like in everyday contexts
  • the relationship between stories, biology, and culture
  • how to can support children's emerging literacy with materials and activities
  • ideas for sharing children's stories
  • the diverse ways that storytelling looks in different educational contexts

This 10-hour workshop is self-paced: engage with the work on your own schedule.  You'll have audio, video, and readings to help you along the way, as well as a discussion community to explore questions, wonderings, and ideas for implementing this work in your classroom.  Participants receive a certificate of completion at the end.

The workshop goes live on Saturday, July 8!  

You can enroll in a monthly workshop membership today to explore ideas in reflective writing, photography, loose parts, and more, while you're waiting for the storytelling workshop to go live!  

On its own, Storytelling in the Early Years is $45 for one year of access, including all updates.

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