Giveaway : Documenting Children's Meaning

I'm giving away a copy of a wonderful book for Early Childhood Educators who are interested in documentation and family engagement!


Documenting Children's Meaning: Engaging in Design and Creativity with Children and Families  is a book about documentation as a tool for teaching, and for engaging families.  It is a collection of observations and documentation from a drop in program, told by the documenters through stories of materials, space, and people.  

The children and families and educators who interact in this book are all engaged learners: learning about themselves, each other, and the potential of materials and space.  The educators in this space don’t approach their work from a “parents just don’t understand” perspective - which is pervasive and more common than we, as early educators, like to admit.  The Together for Families program sees children and caregivers as partners, not as people to be educated about the “right way” to support children.  All of the people in this experimental space are learners.

This book is about the power of documentation to communicate stories and deepen learning; but more so than that, it is a testimonial about the importance of how families are involved in educational spaces.  We don’t know better than the parents of children about their own child.  We have ideas and theories about spaces and materials, but we need to carefully watch and document the people as they interact with those things.  

This book is an incredible inspiration for the programming at Play Lab, where we will be welcoming children 0-6 years old and their families for explorations of materials and space, and documenting the stories and threads we find over the days, weeks, and months.  This book is an illustration of the discovery of ideas and stories over time, and how families and educators can celebrate this learning and development together.

I have one copy of this fantastic book to giveaway to a lucky reader!  Complete the form below by Sunday, March 12 to enter to win, and the winner will be announced on March 15.  If you win, you'll have the book in your hands by the end of the month!

Thanks to Davis Art, the publisher, for the giveaway!



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