New Mix Tape : Playtime #1


Another playlist for your listening pleasure!  Head over to the Mix Tapes to listen, download, or follow on Spotify.

Sometimes, background music can be distracting.  People seem to be on one side or the other of the background music argument - love it or hate it - but I don't think we need to be so divided.  Music can compliment what we are doing!  When I settle in to read a book at night, I like something instrumental, something ambient, without lyrics.  When its playtime, the right music sets a tone for getting into that mindset of deep play, and can be a soundtrack for exploring.  

Adults and kids can enjoy music together - I don't assume that the only music children like is "kid music".  Learning about music can certainly include singing songs that we associate with preschool, like The Wheels on the Bus, but that shouldn't be the whole picture.  How can we learn about the diversity of wonderful music in the world if we are restricted to a genre that, to be honest, is not popular outside of preschool classrooms?

The Bakers and Astronauts Mix Tapes are an easy way for you to dip your toe into music that can make kids and adults happy.  Try the new Playtime #1 Mix Tape on for size!