Introducing : Mix Tapes!

I have always (always) been a mix tape nerd.  

In middle school, I made them constantly, and fancied myself a bit of a producer, creating mix tapes and giving them to all of my friends.  There wasn't just one copy of that tape: I would stay up all night and make 12 copies, passing them out like a DJ in the hallways between periods.

I love a good album, but there is something about curating a mix of music that flows from one song to the next.  I have always made playlists for my classroom, so why not share some with you?

The Mix Tape series starts with Bakers and Astronauts Naptime #1 : Excellent for rest time, easing into the day, or even a weekend nap for yourself.  These mix tapes are designed to be enjoyed by both kids and grown-ups: we should be able to enjoy music together, don't you think?

Head over, have a listen, and download: future installations include mixes for dance parties and playtime.  

Happy Listening!