Online Course: Teachers as Writers

This summer, I am offering an online course on one of my favorite topics: writing.  This four week course is geared towards Early Childhood Educators who are interested in learning more about what I call "teacher writing": newsletters, blogs, documentation, and reflection writing.  This course is for teachers who want to be able to articulate thinking and learning in their classrooms:  if we are to engage people outside of our learning spaces with the hard work happening within them, our writing and content must be worth the read.

As Early Childhood topics move into everyday conversation around the globe, it is important for early childhood educators to have an articulate and professional voice.  The goal of this course is to help educators find that writing voice that is true to the individual: that voice that really communicates the messages you want to send to colleagues, families, and others.  Perhaps you want more engagement on a class website, or you want to use your descriptive words to make learning visible through documentation.  Writing is a powerful and timeless way of communicating: this course is an opportunity to slow down a bit and think about our writer selves and our teacher selves, hopefully finding harmony between those two.

Teachers as Writers is a four week course that will delve into the why, what, and how of writing.  The course runs from July 11 to August 7th, and requires you to be online a few times per week.  Please contact me if you have any questions at all.  Registration opens on Friday, June 17th, at 10 am EST.

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