Teacher Self Resolutions

In 2016, I thought a lot about the Teacher Self: that aspect of classroom teaching that we doesn't get much attention.  We are people, in our classrooms, with thoughts and ideas and preferences and emotions.  While we should not bring our bad mood to plague children and colleagues, a sense of acknowledgement around what works for us as individuals, and what doesn't feel quite right, is important.

I am inviting you to share your Teacher Self Resolutions, anonymously.  This doesn't mean making plans for what you want to change about yourself: it simply means hashing out ideas about where you want to bring your awareness in the coming year.  What is happening, unconsciously and automatically, that is impacting your teaching practice?  Perhaps you know what your barriers are, but you haven't yet let yourself articulate them.  Go ahead and bring it all into the light here.

These answers are anonymous, but I may call on the ideas that you submit to inform future thinking and writing here on Bakers and Astronauts.  Please share: we all have a lot to think about, and writing is a way to get those thoughts (good, bad, and ugly) out of our minds and into the world.  Use the form below to share.


Cheers to a reflective 2017!