A Drawing Story

I put together this video of O, age 3.5, telling me a spontaneous story while drawing a few years ago.  

I have storytelling on the brain - I taught a workshop in Hong Kong about playful literacy recently, and I am putting together an e-course on storytelling that will launch in January!  The course will look at research on children's development as it relates to literacy and storytelling; show wonderful examples of storytelling in action in classrooms, and offer actionable prompts and provocations for your setting.  Throughout the course, you'll use reflective techniques to deepen your conceptual understanding to truly link content to your personal theory and practice.  The E-Course will be self-paced, with content available to you for one year after you enroll - meaning you engage as often as you would like to, when you would like to.  

I'm so excited to offer this storytelling course, along with a few other courses that I'll share about in the coming weeks!  If you're interested in being part of that experience, get on the Workshops and E-Courses Email list and get registration alerts right in your inbox.