Early Childhood Weekend Playlist 9.18.2015

Early Childhood Weekend Playlist is the new Weekend Links!  If you're interested in looking at past weekend links, click here!

I was struck by this post about a teacher week activity at Sabot at Stony Point in Richmond, Virginia.  Teachers talked about the power of observational drawing across all grades, and then were prompted to create their own observational drawing of their feet.  Suzanne, the lower school director who wrote the post, shared her evolution from trepidatious to engaged:

I began to get absorbed in the activity: the other teachers in the room, my to-do list, my self-consciousness about my feet, even time itself, all receded into the background as I attempted to see and draw the objects in front of me. When Anna stopped us, I didn’t want to quit; I wasn’t very pleased with my drawing, but I had loved getting lost in the process of “witnessing.” I had tried “[t]o really sit and observe, to notice negative and positive space, to see what [was] there, and figure out how to translate that through [my] senses and onto [my] paper.”

This kind of professional development experience can help us find meaning in what we are asking children to do with their time.  Click over and read about the experience on Susan's blog.

I learned about the Math for Love project, and I'm looking forward to playing 1-2-nim!  I can imagine that game as an engaging group and independent activity for children.  Introducing young children to games that they can set up and play independently is a great way to have focused play/work time.  

 The clay studio at the Portland Children's Museum

The clay studio at the Portland Children's Museum

I have my mind on empowering children to use different media to express their ideas in the classroom, and I hope to expand my understanding of clay this school year.  I was so inspired by the clay studio at the Portland Children's Museum this summer, and I'm collecting more resources.  This post from An Everyday Story is a nice little intro to using clay with young children.

Last this week, a playlist for the classroom.  I have been using this playlist as background music nearly every day while children play and explore, and it really sets a wonderful tone.


Happy Weekend!

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