Early Childhood Weekend Playlist 10.2.2015

In the news:

Much of the attention on the United Nations has been focused on the 70th General Assembly that took place this week, but there was a summit at the end of last week on Sustainable Development goals. In my opinion, these are goals that early childhood educators should pay attention to: they are a road map for the future that our students will not only inherit, but also lead.  I challenge you to think about what you agree with on this list, and what you question.  How does your program reflect these goals?  What do these goals inspire you to do?

You can read more about incorporating these goals on the ACEI website.


To watch:

This video is an interview with a South African teacher on the translation of a visit to Reggio Emilia, Italy, back to her community.  I joined The Reggio Emilia Approach Facebook group a few months ago, which is incredibly active with teachers looking for feedback, ideas, and dialogue on the concept of being "Reggio Inspired".  The video below, produced by Reggio Children, is a must see on the translation of the municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools of Reggio Emilia to our home contexts.  So many of the conversations in the Facebook group are about the classroom environment, which should be a focus; but imitating others' spaces does not reflect your community and culture, it reflects someone else's.  Does "Reggio-Inspired" always look the same?  What parts of the "Reggio Approach" appeal to you, and why?  As challenging as this dialogue can be, it is an essential conversation.

To See and Hear:

If you are in the Richmond, Virginia area (or you can travel there), take a look at the Sabot at Stony Point Open Doors day on Wednesday, October 21st.  If there are still spaces available, snag one!  I booked myself a 60 hour trip from Washington state for the occasion - you should join, too.


As Early Childhood Education begins to become a louder part of the national conversation here in the United States, I hope that advocates for young children are paying attention to our upcoming Presidential election.  There are 13 months to go, but initial debates have begun, and the next steps we take as a nation in providing high quality education for young children are crucial.  Those steps are unknown, but understanding each candidate's stance is the least we can do to inform our eventual vote.  Read an opinion piece here on U.S. News and World Report, and start clicking:  the first Democratic Presidential debate is on October 13th on CNN.


Finally, come see me!  I'll be at the Connecting the Pieces Pre-K/Kindergarten Conference in Langley, British Columbia on October 23rd, and at the WAEYC conference in Sea-Tac, Washington, on October 31st.  Both presentations will be active dialogues around materials and documentation.


Happy Weekend!


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