While You're Waiting...

My mind is swirling after an incredible weekend at the Opal School Summer Symposium.  I have been writing feverishly and thinking about the possibilities, opportunities, and ideas that arose as part of the listening and working of the weekend.  I look forward to reflecting and sharing here, but in the meantime, a few little links.

Although it is officially summer, you should still have a listen to Lullatone's newest album, The Sounds of Spring.  Besides Andrew Bird's instrumentals, Lullatone is my favorite music for the classroom.  What do you listen to in the classroom?

This beautiful and playful image below is courtesy of Playscapes.  This honeycomb of chalkboards has me thinking about the importance of perspective when we are documenting learning through images.

I have always thought about creating audio recordings as a language for children, and I have started to explore different options, including AudioBoom, Audacity, SoundCloud, and (most recently) Spoken.  I'm interested in thinking about tools that make it possible for children to take ownership over the process of recording.  How can we capture a child's authentic voice and message using audio as the medium?  Where and how might we share it?


Stay tuned for reflection on the Opal School Summer Symposium!