Written Down at the NAEYC Annual Conference

"Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire"      -   W.B. Yeats

Documentation is an act of love.

What does it mean to enter into a relationship with a child?

How can we promote collaboration between adults and all children - not just parents and their own child - in early childhood settings?

Unit blocks are broken down into logical, mathematical segments, not unlike musical notation.

When you don't say "no" as much, "no" carries more meaning. (stay positive)

"The culture of babies"

Simplify, Slow Down, and Be Present.

Nature unfolds a world of imagination.

We need to remember that literacy expectations are culturally based.

The act of learning to read and write is only part of the literacy puzzle.

Story acting is practicing empathy in a way that is rarely available in planned classroom activities - it allows for practice of something that is typically spontaneous.

The mind's eye is a SUPERPOWER!

Have you written something down lately that is sparking some ideas, plans, or prompts?