Creepy Carrots

I ran an afternoon program at the farm on Wednesday afternoon, which just happened to be Halloween.  It is funny to be gathering eggs and herbs and making

mini frittatas

with seven year olds on the biggest candy day of the year, but we succeeded!  I linked the holiday to the garden using a read-aloud of

Creepy Carrots!

 by Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown.

While we were waiting for our eggs to cook, I prompted the children to draw their own scary vegetables.  They loved the prompt - and they began using alliteration to develop more scary vegetables, from scary sunflowers and terrifying tomatoes to zombie zucchini and lurking lettuce.

It had been a while since I was able to create a literacy prompt like this - and it was so engaging for the kids!  I hope to create a prompt like this every week of this program.

Do you have read-alouds that you love about nature or food?