NAEYC Conference + Expo

I am absolutely, completely, totally thrilled to share that I am presenting at the NAEYC conference in Atlanta this November!

This will be my first presentation to such a (potentially) large group.  I participated in a Pecha Kucha night in Brussels in 2010, but this is a different animal!  You can read the little blurb about my presentation here.

I have waited to share this information because I have not been sure that I would be able to go financially.  I have to get myself to Atlanta, put myself up, and pay a discounted conference entry fee.  It is a bit of a stretch right now, but getting into the world of speaking and presenting is a place I have wanted to get to for a few years now.  Its important to me that I go.

I am putting a paypal donate button at the bottom of this post, and also in the sidebar.  I am asking that if you read this blog and you enjoy it, if you have found it helpful, interesting, or inspiring, you might donate a few dollars towards my trip.

The breakdown of my trip expenses look like this:

$298 : Flight from Seattle to Atlanta

$240 : Discounted entry to conference

$157 : 4 nights in a hostel in Atlanta

$100 : Food and Transportation in town

It is shocking how quickly something like this can add up, but all told, it will be about $800.  My hope is that some readers will chip in!  I'm trying to think of a free way to thank people who chip in, and I'll let you know what that might be.  Your help will not go unnoticed.

I know that there are also people reading out there who do not approve of asking for money in such a public forum, and I'm sorry if this is not to your taste.  There are times in life when money is short, and right now is a time like that for me; but this opportunity to meet, talk, share, and connect with other educators is too much to pass up.

I hope that if you are going to the conference, we get to meet!  I am excited to present, but I am looking forward to connection opportunities also.  So, please be in touch!  If you have any questions about this, please email me.