Weekend Links

I spent some time this week looking at Kleas, a new to me blog.  There are some really simple ideas for exploring art and nature; the pictures above are for some of the first things that caught my eye:  dahlia printing, doll making camp, and fairy house building.

I posted about making garden paper earlier this week; we made it again on Tuesday but switched it up and made seed paper.  Next time we make it, I'll make an extra piece and plant it somewhere in the garden to learn a bit more about its success!

This post about paper making as an independent choice from Little Eyes on Nature is inspiring!  There is also a post about using recycled paper to make seedling pots; its amazing what potential recycled paper has.  Do you know any more great ideas for making paper, or for what to do with recycled paper?

These "runnies" seem like a simple and fun classroom prompt, and there are plenty of ways to extend it, also!  From textured paper to shaped paper to doing this over a drawing or a photograph, I would definitely try this out with children. When I initially saw it, I thought it was subway maps - and making these into maps would be a great prompt for language and storytelling.

For those of you in the read-along, it is worth reading about what is happening with Jonah Lehrer; the article by Michael Moynihan from Tablet Magazine that originally pointed out the discrepancies in the first chapter is worth reading.

I am still planning to read the book, despite what is happening with Lehrer in the media, and I hope those of you who have a copy and were planning to read will still do so!

Happy Weekend!