Weekend Links

I just put a hold on Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer at my local library.  There is quite a buzz so I don't think I'll be getting it for a while, but it seems like the kind of book that teachers should be reading.  Do you agree?  We want to teach children about overarching concepts and ideas, so we should look at the overarching concepts and ideas that influence our curricular decisions.

I have been looking into various educational gardening programs as part of my new work as a garden educator, and I would love to visit City Growers in Queens.  Be still me heart: children, kale, bees, berries on a rooftop in one of my favorite places in the world?  Sounds wonderful.  Do that in Paris and I'll have my bag packed in under 10 minutes!

I learned a little song recently that was very popular during this last week of teaching at the farm.  Its called Spring Chicken, and since I couldn't find any non-You Tube versions of it, I recorded it myself so others might learn and spread it around!  You can find the recording here, and the lyrics and guitar chords here.

Have a wonderful weekend!