It's a bit silly to post to apologize for not posting, but I imagine there is still a group of people out there who are interested in Bakers and Astronauts, and it is important for me to share my thoughts about this blog with you.

I have not posted here in a month, and a lot of that has had to do with living and work transitions.  Although I am not a classroom teacher for the next year at least, I still have interest in early childhood education.  I see myself sharing here, though not in the same capacity that I was before.  I won't have daily tales, but I will have tales.  I still love to look around for ideas and share things that I find, and I hope that has been something readers of this blog have enjoyed.

I've had a whirlwind forst week at my new job, and much of my work will be focused on gardening and various aspects of non-profit administration.  I'm excited for the challenge and the possibilities that are included in that.  I do get to work with children every week, which is important to me.  As summer comes around, I may have more to share because of all the summer programming!

I suppose the point of this post is...don't delete this from your Google Reader just yet.  There is still potential for sharing here.  Bakers and Astronauts just might be turning into Carrots and Volunteer Management!