Weekend Links

Gorgeous, inspirational documentation from Marla McLean : nothing gets to me more than passionate teachers collaborating to facilitate meaningful work.

I love Merril's blog, and she's talking about sketchbooks.  We're talking about it here, too - take a look back in the archives for some sketchbook inspiration.

I have found myself in a classroom full of these IKEA shelves, for some reason, and I love this idea of making one of them into a dollhouse.  Brilliant!  And in my experience, dollhouses are always an engaging prompt for imaginative play. (via pinterest)

Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures, the new album from Lullatone, is looping constantly in the classroom.  Pick it up! 

I'm thinking about images with the children this month, and I'll be sharing on the Turtlewings blog.  Jules is already posting about images from a different perspective.

I'm following a blog written by teachers in an international school in Japan.  The program is Reggio Emilia inspired, and I love the thoughtful posts from the teachers on the children's work, and their work in turn.  It's a bit dear to my heart because of my own experiences teaching internationally, but it is a great read for anyone who loves a good early childhood blog.

Happy Weekend!