Pins and Paper

The writing I'm doing for Turtlewings does have me thinking about paper!  Old-fashioned clothespins and a long piece of lace were a prompt in the corner of the room last week.

I've been on a kick of planning prompts for this area of the room that change daily or every few days.  These prompts have been combinations of materials that I think the children might find interesting, and combinations that they may not have experienced together.  I'll make a point of taking photos of some of the prompts and sharing them here.

We are definitely interested in ripping and cutting paper, so we have amassed quite a pile of little paper bits.  And as interesting as gluing can be, the novelty wears off.  All of the children made attempts at pinning paper to the line; the ones who were independently successful stayed and added paper for longer periods of time.  I thought the lace would provide a more visual cue than string for this prompt, and the old fashioned clothes pins don't require any squeezing; they do require some thickness from the objects you're attempting to hold, though!

We may have more success with something like this against a wall, where the lace won't flip upside-down.  I think that the possibilities for pinning things to a line are endless!  As long as the materials are appealing and the children can do it with some independence, it can be engaging.