another post where I apologize for not posting, but now I ask for help.

I wonder what it is about reflection that seems to come and go for me.  For two years, this blog has been the perfect place for me to reflect; but in the past few months there have only been a few posts here and there, with most of them being photographs.  Those are good ways to communicate what is happening in the classroom, but without a series of photos that tells a specific story, I am not reflecting on (or sharing with you) the exploration and words of the children in the classroom.  There are often things I find in other places that I want to share with you, but that is not the whole purpose of the blg, either.

This autumn, I made a larger commitment to a class blog that is for parents and children.  It has been successful for sharing our learning with parents and it is worth the daily work. That has been a very positive part of this semester, but one that has taken away from this work.  Between the classroom work, my Master's degree, and continuing to try to improve my classroom practice, the moments of rest have been few and far between.  I am about to have a 2 week break from teaching and my work as a student, and I am looking forward to that.  I also feel that it is time for me to revisit my work on this blog - what am I sharing?  Why am I doing it?  Who is reading it?  Why are people continuing to read the blog?  What more would people like to see/read?

I hope that you will help to answer these questions so that I can come into the new year with new ideas that are both for me and for you.  Would you help me with that?  Let's figure out how to make this best for all of us.

I'll pop in for conversation in thecomments between now and 2011, and perhaps a post.  But let's all have a rest, enjoy the holidays (however you may celebrate) and think back on a fantastic year.