An interest in construction

Some work in the classroom is inspiring everyone to build a certain tower over and over again:

Since the first day of school, when M made this building, he and others have been making this daily.  There are some designs that stray a bit from the first simple one, and it has been explored with table top blocks.    But the excitement about this structure has touched everyone.

There are pictures of the many many times this construction has been repeated for inspiration, including the original, exact copies, and new ideas.

This week, we got together and had everyone make the tower.  Then, we sat down and drew the results.  Their interpretations on paper are each so different and unique - but everyone has an idea about those parallel and perpendicular lines.

Some children even included the idea of people in the construction, perhaps the builders or just people nearby.

We are thinking about how to deepen their thinking about this tower and expand their ideas.  Part of this goes hand in hand with what I was thinking about the room last week.  I had a few ideas about how to make more room for construction, and how to mix the ideas together.  To support this exploration, I'd like to have the overhead projector near the construction materials, and to mix dramatic play materials into the whole classroom, allowing children to use a variety of materials wherever they choose.

I'm excited about the prospect of exploring this idea with the children in the coming weeks.