A New Story Collaboration

The children dictated this story as a group today.  It includes so many of the popular themes from this year: princesses, fairy tales, action, and people saying "no" when you ask them to play.

Robin and Katie
Robin and Katie go to forest and they see what’s happening.  The dragons come!  Then, they kill the dragon.  They saw a fair, and so they went to it.  They rode on golden horses, and then they got lollies and strawberries.
Then Katie was all alone – she was driving all alone and then she crashed in a car and she hurt herself. 
Then Robin turned to a Princess, and Cinderella come.  They found a fairy.  The fairy flew with Cinderella.  Then, the horses came back and the Princess came back.  Then, Robin and Katie saw another princess and they wanted to play with her, but she said no because she was going to her house.  And then she found a princess and she say, “Can I play with you?”  And she said no.
Robin and Katie find each other again, and Robin is find Cinderella.  Cinderella said, “What’s going on?” and Robin said, “Nothing.”
Then, there was a tree and the tree bite the fairy, and then she’s gone!  Then Katie turned to a princess and then Cinderella was to the mean fairy to be killed.  The horses changed to princesses. 
And then Robin was be happy ever after with Cinderella and Katie, too.  Snow White is come and say to Robin, “What’s happening?  Something’s happening.  Trees eat me!”
The End