On Being Friends

The children wrote this story about being friends as a whole class.  The children are "getting sad" with each other - based on who is playing with who, who their friends are, and how they feel when people shout and hit.  They have a lot to say, and I think we will be exploring this thread in tandem with our storytelling and bookmaking project.  The two main characters in this story have already reappeared in one child's book.

 Our Story About Being Friends

Leo and Ducky were playing outside.  Leo and Ducky are best friends.  Ducky pushed Leo.  Leo says, "You're It!"because he doesn't want Ducky to hit him anymore.  And then Ducky says to her Mommy Ducky, "I pushed Leo." Leo says to his Daddy that he pushed Ducky.  And then the Mommy of Ducky put her in the corner. 

Then Leo and Ducky go on a picnic and Ducky says, "I'm sorry." She says, "Do you want to play with me?" and Leo says "Yes!"  Ducky says, "Let's play princesses because we're girls!" No, Leo is a boy.  "Let's play prince and princess." Then Ducky says, "Leo, do you want to play with me?" And Leo says, "No!"  Then Leo is say "I can play with you?"  And then Leo says "Yes."  Leo and Ducky play the piano.  And then they all be nice...all of the Moms and Dads and the sisters be nice and then they all hug their pets.  Then she said, "I love you, Leo!"

P End.