Snore & Guzzle

I mentioned before that we were using Snore and Guzzle naptime radio hours during our rest time. As much as the whole idea of "rest time" is on the brink of complete reinvention in our classroom, those lovely mixes will be a staple.

I happened to put Snore and Guzzle into my google reader so I wouldn't miss the monthly update. My internet is moving at early nineties dial-up speeds right now, but I'm looking forward to hearing Radio Hour #16. The artists range from M. Ward to Danny and the Dreamers and Nina Simone and Bach; and it is described as "sounds good for ushering in hibernation". That sounds about par for the course here in rainy, windy, chilly Belgium.

It has 2 hours left to download here...I hope that your internet is working better wherever you are and you can make a cup of tea and enjoy the music!