Sketchbooks Continue, 6 weeks in...

I feel like I am not sharing a lot about our sketchbook journey. I should make more regular reflections here, but I find that everything I've documented has stayed in the video camera, the mp3 recorder, and my memory card. It's time to get organized, I think.

When I think of this new part of the day, the first thing that comes to mind is success. It's going incredibly well. One of the biggest benefits, I think, is the fine motor activity. Some children do not choose fine motor activities at all because they are difficult, so they don't get the chance to hone those skills. Now they are. Children who never choose to draw or paint ask to continue working in their sketchbook when it is time to move on. Children who have never taken the cap off a marker are asking for their second sketchbook.

There are obviously things to think about. Do they always need a prompt? Can I expect it to start to last longer than it is now? How can we incorporate something besides 2 dimensional artwork? How can we be using it to support our inquiry?

It really is a wonderful part of the day, and I was so happy to share the books with parents last week during learning conferences. I'm glad we're sticking with it, and it's exciting to see it evolve. It feels very natural.