Sketchbooks and Leaves

Sketchbooks have been working so far. Some mornings it is three minutes, some mornings it is ten. Some children make a mark and walk away; others want to stay and stay.

I think it is important to have a bank of ideas, or "starters" as they call it over at

Sketchbooks in Schools

. I have tried to make it part of my planning but, you know, plans change.

This morning, for example, I put black pens and leaves on the tables -- leaves that we gathered yesterday in the forest. Some children traced them, some children drew them observationally, some children drew things other than leaves, some children made a line and said, "I'm finished!". Every one of those is fine with me.

I'm making a big effort to document this well -- voices and photos and (obviously) visual work. I like how it is naturally evolving as it is part of our daily routine.