Our Sketchbook Adventure

We're adding something to our daily work in our classroom on Monday: Sketchbooks.

I have used sketchbooks in the past few years, and last year the children worked in them on a regular basis. In fact, during the first half of the year, I couldn't keep up - every time I turned around, someone needed a new sketchbook.

The plan is this: each day, there is a drop off window of about 20 minutes in the morning. The children will begin the day by making a choice in the classroom, as they always have. When that first 20 minutes is over, we all stop and get sketchbooks, and work in them for 10 minutes.

There will be different prompts for them every day: from drawing, to materials used, to location where we use them, to idea prompts like props and photographs and video.

I was really inspired by Sketchbooks in Schools
last year, and tried a few little activities here and there. But this year, we'll be more regular about our work. And the idea of using sketchbooks with threes and fours is so interesting to me -- the idea of learning what they decide and make and think about the activity is so mysterious. What will it look like? Where will it bring us?