I'm thinking about the overhead projector. What makes children engage with it for a long period of time? What appeals to some children about the light box aspect of it, and what appeals to others about the projection aspect?

I was riding on the tram last night, looking at Children, Art, Artists - a book put out by Reggio Children. There is a part where young children are exploring the properties of materials, and of black and white. I noticed that, in every photograph with the overhead projector, it seemed to be the only light source in the room.

How might this work in a classroom? I myself have overhead lights - I can turn half of the lights off, but as winter comes, it will be pretty dark in here. Perhaps this will motivate me to finally go to the big secondhand shop and buy lamps for the room. Then the corner with the overhead projector would be a dark space with the one light source, inviting more children in.

I love the overhead projector as a tool. I would like to make it a more regular part of the classroom, and I'd like to see it complimenting and extending our inquiry.