Organization and Natural Materials

I perfer to use natural items in the classroom rather than than plastic - glass jars, thrifted baskets, wooden boxes - for storage and display of materials. Many people worry about using glass with children, but it is much more appealing to the eye, and children will learn that it is a delicate material and should be used with care. There are a few broken jars every year, but I imagine that happens at home as well.

I have been fantasizing about how I will change my classroom for this September. I think about how to makeng it more comforting, more homey, and more appealing to the children. The conclusions I come to usually end up being ideas that require a lot of my time and effort, but certain things are worth it.

I am always looking for baskets to put books in in different areas of the classroom, but I never come across suitable ones. I really love the idea of making these fabric boxes.

There is a lovely tutorial here. I had bookmarked it to make some for our apartment (which I hopefully will), but these will work really well for classroom organizing. It will take a few evenings to make a few boxes, but I think I'll be glad I made them.