This one is for all the library nerds.

Like me!

I love books, and I love owning wonderful books -- but I have always loved libraries. The smell of the books, the quiet, the selection -- I can spend hours and hours in a good library. The Seattle Public Library opened its central branch right before I moved there in 2004, and I visited at least once a week. One of the most brilliant things about the SPL is that you can look up books, music, and movies online, at home, put them on hold, and then they email you when your items are ready. So I may have been number 3, 287 on the waiting list for a book, but I knew it would be set aside eventually.

Perhaps you have all seen this, but it is exciting and new for me -- WorldCat is a directory of every library catalog in the world. Or the public, electronic ones, at least. None of the books I have entered are in Belgian libraries, but it will lead me to one in a surrounding area where I might want to curl up for a day.

Is your hometown library in the directory?

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