Princesses and Postcards

I am not really a girly-girl. I did not willingly wear a dress until I was in middle school, and I had a My Buddy instead of a Kid Sister. When I began teaching, I had some trouble making connections to the Disney princess culture that encompasses all four-year-old girls. And if you are going to be teaching four-year-olds, you have to come to terms with princesses.

One of my students this year is constantly drawing princesses. On the art table today, I put out a box with old greeting cards, postcards and small mirrors; a thick blank cardstock; pencils, and markers. This particular girl began making a series of princess postcards -- but not only with people as princesses. There was a dinosaur and a pig as well. I thought this was a nice development!

This has me thinking about communication, handmade postcards, and pen pals. I think I'll be looking into acceptable postcard sizes for the Belgian post...

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