ABC With Imagination Giveaway

I'm so excited to be teaming up with Morgane from little circus to bring you this giveaway!

ABC With Imagination is a set of foam shapes designed by Bruno Munari that are meant to be used to experiment and explore shapes and lines. Children can use them to create letters, or simply designs.

It is essential to honor everyone's learning style in the classroom, and I like this material for my students who really need an alternate route to understanding letters. Before I bought my set, I had one student in mind. She has made progress over the course of the year with fine motor skills, but she was not writing letters -- not even her name or the letter it began with. Understanding that she always gravitates towards activities with sensory elements, We created a sandpaper name card for her and offered fingerpainting activities with letters nearby to inspire her. The ABC With Imagination set allows children to use their body to create letters -- big, bold shapes that they can connect to. She set to work soon after it was on the table and proudly made a K.

I have to say I find them lovely as a design tool, whether you are making letters or not. Another group of girls made a long snaking line across a table.

So! To be in the running to recieve this wonderful item from little circus, please comment on this post between now and Sunday, May 10th, at midnight (Belgian time!). Don't forget to leave some contact information! All of the names will go into a good old fashioned hat, and we'll find a winner that way. It will be announced on Monday, May 11th.

Good luck, happy commenting!