You Sing a Song, and I'll Sing a Song

Well Juliann, I think I might need a ukulele.

To continue with the goodness that comes from Smithsonian Folkways, I bring you the fabulous Ella Jenkins. I was introduced to her music during my first year of teaching, when my classroom came with a collection of her CD's. That year, we just couldn't get enough of Play Your Instruments and Make a Pretty Sound. I have used that song with children year after year, trading in Ella's recorded version for my own with the guitar.

But Ella plays the baritone ukulele, and MAN do I want one!

This year, we keep coming back to what has realy become my favorite song of hers .

You sing a song, and I'll sing a song
And we'll sing a song together
You sing a song, and I'll sing a song
In warm or wintry weather

I especially love the whistling. I have one child who can whistle this year, but typically I play the guitar while twenty children make their lips into a small "o" shape and make a high-pitched "hoo hoo" sound. Priceless.

Ella Jenkins - You Sing a Song and I'll Sing a Song

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