I love when things in your life connect in a way that you know something was meant to be.

A while ago, I was browsing at Urban Preschool and read about Turtlewings. I thought it was interesting and bookmarked it. Later, I was offered (and I accepted) a job in Brussels, but I did not make the mental connection that I knew of this creative program in Brussels. This afternoon, I was browsing through my bookmarks, and I ended up on the Turtlewings website. I finally realized that I was in the same city as this program; and after finding their location, I realized I'm just a few blocks away.

But the icing on the cake came when, at the very end of the day, the librarian for the Early Childhood Center sent the faculty an email noting that he is going to the Turtlewings November common meeting, because he is the librarian for Turtlewings, and perhaps some others would like to go along.

Um, yes, please.

I am really looking forward to meeting these people! I feel like it will be an inspiring evening.