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About Allie

I am an Early Childhood Educator, working with kids and grown ups to come to a deeper understanding of the importance of childhood.

I earned my B.S. and M.S. in Early Childhood Education, and taught preschool in a wide range of settings for ten years, including a children's museum, Head Start, an International School, school gardens, parent cooperatives, and more.  I am from Connecticut, and lived in New York, Seattle, Brussels, and the Oregon Coast before landing in Bellingham, Washington in 2012.

I started Bakers and Astronauts in 2008 as a reflective teacher blog, and I have shared my experiences as an educator here ever since.  The site has evolved into more than just a blog: I offer online workshops for Early Childhood Educators, and I make mix tapes for you!

Currently, I teach classes and workshops for adults, and I create hands-on, open-ended play installations to illustrate what true, child-directed play looks like through Play Lab, a play advocacy project I started in 2013.

When I'm not thinking about Early Childhood Education, I'm at the beach with my dog or reading in bed, and probably drinking coffee.